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The Shigatse area is located at the north west of Qinghai-Tibet Plain, 182,000 square kilometers, which is the Holy Land of traveling sightseeing, scientific expedition and exploration. Traversing from east to west, Himalayas in the Shigatse area forms the wonderful polar natural scenery, including not only the world highest mountain-Mt. Qomolangma (Mt. Everest), but also four above 8,000 meters mountain peaks and 14 above 7,000 meters mountain peaks.


Mt. Everest, also known as Mt.Qomolangma, meaning Goddess Third in Tibet, is the highest peak in the world. The 8,848 meters (29,028 feet) high peak, snow capped throughout the year. The North Col of Everest is located in Tinggri (Shegar). Massive glaciers and seracs feature a thrilling splendor. The peak has been a holy climbing attraction for world's mountaineers. … more>

Pala Manor

Pala Manor

Pala Manor remains intact as a reminder of the vast contrast in the way in which the nobles and serfs lived in Tibet and as such provides evidence and datum for research into the politics, economy and culture of Tibet while still a society based upon privilege and slavery, which is also a good place for you to know the Tibet history. … more>

Palkhor Monastery

The Palkhor Monastery (meaning lucky and happy monastery) has a Chinese name Baiju Monastery. It has two features: there are three classes of Buddhism (Sakys, Gedang and Gelugpa) existing harmoniously this monastery.Those three classes of Buddhism had experienced repulsion and rivalry for a long time, peaceful with each other. … more>

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