Shigatse Eating Out

“Dress him up and leave regale to the distinguished guests.” This is Shigatse people best portrayal of the concept of diet. The hospitable Shigatse people will make you fully appreciate the essence of Shigatse diet culture. Shigatse possesses a good many local dishes which include Tibetan sausage, high-land barley wine, yak butter, beef and mutton, tongue of yak that is served cold and dressed with sauce, tsampa, different kinds of cookies and sweat tea, milk tea, yoghurt, roasted sausage, dried meat, and shapu (smashed meat). These dishes are served in the night market which is near the bus station. The delicious Tibetan flavor will never let you down.

◆Restaurants in ShigatseShigatse Eating out - Special Tibetan Food

Golden Place Restaurant (with 100 seats)

Add: No. 28 Gangjianlinka Avenue

Tel: 0892-8822282

Gangjinalinka Tibetan Restaurant (with 130 seats)

Add: No. 9 Qomolangma Road

Tel: 0892-8822516

Tashi Restaurant (with 30 seats)

Add: No. 28 Geshanglakang Road

Tel: 0892-8822516

Wordo Kitchen

Add: No.8 East Road, Zhade

Tel: 0892-8823994

Style of cooking: Xinjiang food, Halal food, Wei-Tibet food

Red maple forest Sichuan Restaurant

Add: Everest west road, Administrative office of commercial housing, Shigatse

Tel: 0892-8828641

Style of cooking: Sichuan food


In addition to the local cuisine, the best-known food in Shigatse is Sichuan food which is known for its hotness and liberal use of red pepper and other such spices.CNY10 to 20 is enough to have a hearty meal for one person. However if you want to taste the local traditional dishes, Tibetan hamlet is a good place to go along with the night market near the bus station. There are lots of restaurants selling Sichuan and Tibetan food, which can be found near North Liberation Road and Qomolangma Road.

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