Xiqin Hot spring and Yatung Hot Spring

Xiqin Hot Spring (4010 elevations) is located at Chusha Town in Lhatse County, 10 km from the county and 0.5 km from the No. 318 national highway. It is said lots of illness can be cured by taking a shower in the hot spring.

Yatung Hot Spring is located at Kangpu Township, Yatung County. It is a healing center with physical therapy, entertainment, health care and accommodation. There are 13 mouths hot spring here with different water temperatures, which has quick curative effect on different kinds of illness including rheumatism, skin disease and fracture.

Yongzelyts Lake is located at Jilin Township, Renpu County, about 70 km away from Renpu County. It is said that this lake can tell the misfortune and fortune of one’s life and hereafter. So the crowd reputes this lake as “A lake can predict one’s future”. Anciently, according to the custom, people would come to the lake to find the reincarnation child of Panchen Lama.
Pekuts Lake lies at the boundary of Jilong County and Nyalam in Shigatse Area, 250 km away from Tingri County. It is the largest lake in Shigatse Area, occupying more than 300 square km. The lake is surrounded by mountains from three sides. There are lots of fish in the lake and unique Tibetan rare animals and birds on the lake bank including Tibetan wild donkeys, black-neck cranes, spotted-head wild gooses, red-mouth gulls and so on. The wind here is so mild and gentle that makes the lake prettier and gestates the verve of the lake.

Comments: hot spring, holy lake, and the charm of the water make you fascinated.

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