Step by Step Guide for Online Booking

Wherever you travel, it is important to get the timing right! Get free quotation and tour arrangements from our experienced travel advisors who will design you a perfect tour according to your specific requests.

To show you how easy it is to book your trip with us through the Internet, please read the following steps. Keep in mind that your input (steps 2, 3, 5 and7) is essential in achieving a travel plan that best suits your wishes.

Step1: Assign a China Travel Advisor to work with you.

When we receive your booking request, we will assign one of our experienced travel advisor to work with you. (See also Your Travel Advisors Online to meet them). To provide faster service we will also give you a tracking code. For those who did not supply adequate information for us to give you a proper proposal, we will have to send you an e-mail to find out more before assigning you a personal travel advisor.

Step 2: Learn about our policies.

We assume that you carefully read our web pages with information about your rights and our policies: Terms and Conditions, Payment and Cancellation Policy. We also recommend that you read the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Step 3: Provide us with details of your travel plans.

We may send you again a message with specific questions if the information that you provided in your booking request and in your sent e-mail is not clear to us. Your answers will enable us to prepare a proposal offering you the best deals.

Step 4: Design an itinerary for you and prepare a quote.

With your answers to our questions we will design a plan for your tour including details of hotels, sightseeing trips and flight schedules. We may not, at this stage, be able to provide the domestic flight numbers in the itinerary but will indicate these by "late pm flight to Beijing" or "am flight".

Step 5: Amend the proposed itinerary.

Carefully check our proposal and feel free to amend the itinerary by changing cities, travel sites, hotels or flights. You may ask as many questions as you like when tailoring your tour.

Step 6: Revise itinerary and send a new quote.

We will answer all your questions. With your additional requests and amendments we will revise the original itinerary and send it to you with a new quotation. Steps 5 and 6 may be repeated until you are completely satisfied with the final tour plan.

Step 7: Accept our proposal and complete the payment procedures.

When you have finished "Perfecting your tour", received our final proposal and decide to accept our offer, there are only two things left to do:

- Send us an e-mail stating your acceptance of our offer, and

- Complete the payment procedures as you can find in our e-mail send to you.

Note: It is highly recommended that your tour reservation with Yangtze River Cruise be made 40 days prior to the actual traveling date while others can be made 30 days prior to the actual traveling date.

Step 8: Secure and confirm your booking.

Upon receiving your deposit, we will immediately start making the reservations through CITS Guilin. All of the flights, hotels and other items in the itinerary were available at the time we made the proposal. However, we are not able to guarantee their availability until we have secured the bookings after receiving your deposit. The earlier that you confirm our proposal, the more likely we can adhere to the proposed itinerary. If we are not able to book part of the flights or hotels as proposed, we will suggest alternative options and ask for your approval before securing the booking.

Step 9: Confirm your booking and charge your credit card.

The process of confirming your tour will take 1-10 days depending on how early we receive your acceptance of our offer and the uniqueness of your tour (It may take longer if the Yangtze River cruise is included). If required for your visa application we will e-mail or fax you a "Reservation Confirmation" on our company stationery.
Special note for " Visa or
Master Card by fax": Only after confirming the bookings will we charge your credit card (Deposit or full payment).

Step 10: Send you a confirmation letter.

After the tour reservations are confirmed and payment is received we will send you a letter with the confirmation code and, when applicable, tour vouchers

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