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Attractions: The Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Drepung Monastery, The Carpet Factory, Tibet Museum

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Attractions: Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka, Yomdrok Lake, Everest Base Camp

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Attractions: The Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka,Yomdrok Lake, The Palgor Chorten

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Highlights: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Yambajan, Lake Namtso

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Tibet Travel Common FAQs

When is the best time to visit Tibet?

Tibet is one of the most dramatic climates places in china. Though cool in summer, it is extremely cold in the winter. The best time for your Tibet trip is from April to November, avoiding the cold and dry weather from December to February.

How to get the Travel Permit to Tibet?

Travel permit to Tibet is issued by Tibet Tourism Administration. To apply for it, the copy of your passport and Chinese visa, together with other information such as your occupation should be provided. Journalists and people that could be involved in political matters could be revoked. Your local travel agency can help; or, you are welcome to contact us.

Could you give me some advice on how to avoid risking Cultural Shock when traveling Tibet?

Tibet people are religious people and visitor may find their customs and practices are very different to that in the countries they come from. Although Tibet people are among the easiest to get along with in China but there are still some points you should be sensitive about when you travel there. 1. Do not photograph them without permission. 2. Do not talk the sensitive issues like politics &, religion. 3. Take your hat off when entering a chapel. 4. Do not take photos during a prayer meeting and in some larger monastery, you may need to pay a small fee for the privilege of taking a photo. 5. Do not touch or remove anything on an altar. 6. Do not wear shorts or short shirts in a monastery and do not smoke in a monastery. 7. Do not eat horse, donkey and dog when in Tibet. 8. Always walk around monasteries, piles of Mani stones, pagodas and other religious structures in a clockwise direction. 9. Never touch Tibetan People on the head.

Can I travel Tibet with my child?

Tibet may not be an ideal destination for young Children. The climate and generally harsher conditions in Tibet may not be ideal for young children. The sights and attractions are not those which children like to visit and facilities will be very primitive. If you do decide to bring your young child to Tibet please ensure that you bring all your child's daily needs with you.

Are there any suggestions on what I should do or take to acclimatize the altitude in Tibet?

Almost every visitor is affected by the high altitude as Tibet is over 3000 meters above sea level and many areas are above 5000 meters. Most of the visitors get acclimatized to the high altitude by taking it easy for one or two days, while still paying to their health.

>We would like to make several suggestions to those contemplating going to Tibet.

>People with serious heart diseases should not visit Tibet. Those with less serious heart problems need to consult a doctor before traveling.

> People with high or low blood pressure need to consult a doctor before traveling.

> Try to keep healthy and not to catch a cold before entering Tibet.

> The first day arriving in Tibet, suggest visitors not take a bath and smokers not smoke.

> Drink plenty of water while traveling in Tibet.

>Eat light, high-carbohydrate meals for more energy and avoid alcohol as it may increase the risk of dehydration.

> Tell your guide quickly if you don't feel well and follow guide's advice.

> It is advisable to use sunscreen, sunglasses lip creams to protect your eyes and skin, for Tibet's high altitude and the atmosphere allow the sun's solar radiation to strike the earth with unusual intensity.

> In addition to the normal medications for traveling it is advisable to bring high altitude medication. Ask your doctor for suggestions.

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