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Lhokha is the most prosperous part in Tibet and has the longest history in Tibet. The well-known Tubo Regime (a historic period in Tibetan history) was derived from the agricultural civilization in Lhokha. Lhokha is also known as the source of the Tibetan civilization and has become the ruling center twice in Tibetan history.Ranges, lakes, springs and river valleys constitute the featured landscapes.

Samye Monastery

Samye Monastery

The construction of Samye Monastery began in 762 AD and was completed in 779 AD. It is the first monastery in Tibet featuring Buddhist, laws and monks, where the famous debate of the doctrines between ancient Indian Buddhism and inland Buddhism happened. The monastery is modeled on the Odantapuri Temple in Bihar, India. After several dynasties’ extension, it now covers a large scale of more than 4,900 square meters. … more>

Lake Lhamo Nhatso

Lake Lhamo Nhatso

Located in the mountains of Gyacha County, with an altitude about more than 4,000 meters above the sea level.Lhamo Nhatso means “auspicious heavenly mother lake” or “numinous mother lake” in Tibetan and another name for it is Qiongguoje Lake. Standing on the mountain top as high as 5,100 meters and looking down, the holy lake is surrounded by mountains. … more>

The Tombs of the Tibetan Kings

Situated on the Muchong Hill opposite to the Yarlung River, which shows that Tobu had focused on “fengshui” that centered on “with its back to the mountains and facing the waters”, The tombs erect on the plateau, with west wind blowing and sunset shining, and the Yarlung River flowing silently to the east, the tombs look grave. … more>

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