Festivals and Fairs in Lhokha

Yarlung Cultural Festival

The annual Yarlung Cultural Festival will be held from 25th, July to 27th, July with a wide range of ethnic subjects, such as traditional sports meeting, Tibetan songs and dances, Tibetan drama, and gorgeous dress show, etc.

Lhokha Barter Fair

Initiated in 1981, the Lhokha Barter Fair is held yearly from 1st, December to 7th, December. In this fair, the local residents, inhabitants of the border area, merchants from home and neighboring countries will come together, exchange their goods in a unique but traditional way. Bustling with excitement and activity, the barter fair brings the ancient Tsetang city prosperity and magnificence.

Pilgrimage Festival / mountain worshiping

The third, August each year is taken as a holy day when Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, began his first lecturing on Buddhism, therefore, the Buddhists will dress themselves in new costumes and make a pilgrimage to monasteries on famous mountains. After the pilgrimage the Buddhists will feast together hilariously along with songs and dances.

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