Lhokha Travel Tips

1. Lhokha is of moderate dry climate.The four seasons are distinctive. The temperature reaches its highest, a little more than 20oC, from June to August. But the temperature difference between day and night is 10 oC or so, sometimes more than 20 oC. December and January are the coldest months and the temperature may drop to -10 oC. The best time for tourists is from June to August. You can wear the same amount of clothes as you do in Lhasa as the temperature is almost the same as that in Lhasa.

2. A road network with Tsetang Town as the center has been built up, connecting 12 counties and extending to most villages. Traveling to this area, tourist can take flights to Lhasa. Buses shuttle between Lhasa and Tsetang everyday. The distance between is about 200 km. The price for one trip is about 27 Yuan.

3. Different from the rest of Tibet, food in Lhokha is dominated by Sichuan cuisine. The Sichuan cuisine restaurants can be seen everywhere, with inexpensive dishes up to you taste. All the restaurants represent local features in decoration, both the high grade and low grade. The Tibetan food includes all kinds of sausages, Qingke (highland barley) wine, buttered tea, Yamdrok air-dried meat, cold yak tongue, steamed stuffed bun, roast sausage, air-dried meat, Xiapuqing ( a kind of minced meat), all sorts of cakes and sweet tea, milk tea, sour milk.

4. There are no shopping malls in Lhokha, travelers can purchase what they need in the shopping centers in most of the local hotels. However, for the tourist souvenirs, you are advised to buy at Bajiao street in Lhasa city.

5. Many hotels have affiliated recreations facilities such as KTV, tea house, bowling house, cyber room, parlor room, which are comparatively high charged. Such hotels are Jinsui hotel, Lhokha Hotel, Tsetang Telecommunication Hotel, Tsetang hotel and Lhokha Postal Hotel.

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