The Tombs of the Tibetan Kings

Buried here are the kings, the ministers and the royal concubines from the 29th Tsanpo to the last(the 40th). It is also the largest tumuli group in Tibet. From all of the tombs, the most remarkable one is King Songtsan Gampo’s.
Situated on the Muchong Hill opposite to the Yarlung River, which shows that Tobu had focused on “fengshui” that centered on “with its back to the mountains and facing the waters”, The tombs erect on the plateau, with west wind blowing and sunset shining, and the Yarlung River flowing silently to the east, the tombs look grave. All these form a unique sight. The Tombs of the Tibetan Kings have become the state key protected historical site.

Location: lie on the southeast of Mt Muri in Qungjie County, about 90 kilometers from Tsedang.

Transportation: You could take a bus or hire a car to get there. The Tombs of the Tibetan Kings is about 38 kilomaters away from Tsedang. It costs you 150 to 200 Yuan to hire a car and 10 Yuan for a round-trip by bus.

Opening time: Anytime is ok.

Admission fee: 20 Yuan

Evaluation: Here, you can really understand the Tobu Kingdom, which not only reflects the system but show how developed the level of burial of Tibet about 1,000 years ago. Meanwhile, it’s of great significance to research the rises and falls of the Tobu Kingdom.


1. It costs you 100 Yuan to hire a Taxi which can hold four people for a round trip, but the drivers are not willing to go there. You may go by tractor for 5 Yuan. The Tombs of Tibetan Kings is about 90 kilometers southwest of Tsedang. After your visit you can go back to Tsedang to take a bus to Lhasa in the afternoon.(about 6 hours trip).

2. You’d better include your visit of Trandruk Monastery and The Tombs of Tibetan Kings in your itinerary because it’s more economical.

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