Featured Food in Lhokha

Different from the rest of Tibet, food in Lhokha is dominated by Sichuan cuisine. The Sichuan cuisine restaurants can be seen everywhere, with inexpensive dishes up to you taste. All the restaurants represent local features in decoration, both the high grade and low grade. The Tibetan food includes all kinds of sausages, Qingke (highland barley) wine, buttered tea, Yamdrok air-dried meat, cold yak tongue, steamed stuffed bun, roast sausage, air-dried meat, Xiapuqing ( a kind of minced meat), all sorts of cakes and sweet tea, milk tea, sour milk.

Featured Restaurant:

Jinhe Restaurant

Located in No.39, Naidong Road, Tsetang Town, Jinhe Restaurant receives wide popularity for its delicious dishes and pleasant environment.

The Jinhe Restaurant can accomodate 300 people at the same time, providing more than 300 Chinese dishes like Sichuan, canton cooking and more than 100 kinds of snacks full-timely. The restaurant places emphasis on the dishes, trying to bring out fully the features of Sichuan cooking as tasty, aromatic, beautiful and well designed to its customers.

The typical delicacies of Jinhe Restaurant are Jinhe delicious chicken, tasty camel meat and Jinhe savory chicken.These dishes are really ingenious mixtures of seven tastes as spicy, peppery, salty, sweet, sour, bitter and aromatic to demonstrate fully the beauty of Sichuan cooking. In other words the Sichuan cooking is famous for its flexibility, taste, pattern and local feature.

In addition to Chinese dishes, the restaurant offers western food like toasted steak, pizza, fried chicken as well as Tibetan food.

Telephone: 0893-7824888 13618936773

Location: No.39, Naidong road, Zedang Town( next to the local agricultural bank)

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