Lhokha Transportation

A road network with Tsetang Town as the center has been built up, connecting 12 counties and extending to most villages. The network is more than 3700 km long.

Tsetang Town is only 191 km from Lhasa. The only international airport in Tibet, Gonggar Airport is situated in Gonggar County of Lhokha Prefecture. The airport has flights to Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing and Kathmandu. The new terminal building was built and has been put into use.
The first bridge across the Yarlung Tsangpo River links Lhokha to Lhasa closely. In 1995, Tsetang Bridge over the Yarlung Tsanpo River was built, connecting the northern part and southern part of the river. The road from Tsetang to Gonggar was built and put into use in Nov. 1994.

1. Travel to Lhokha

Take flights to Lhasa. Buses shuttle between Lhasa and Tsetang everyday. The distance between is about 200 km. The price for one trip is about 27 Yuan.

2. routes for touring

(1) To Yumbulagang and to Tibetan Kings’ Tombs: From Tsetang, one way leads to Yumbulagang and Changzhu Monastery, another way leads to Tibetan Kings’ Tombs.

(2) To Samye Monastery: driving westward from Tsetang or taking a 20 minutes’ trip by ship in Yarlung Tsangpo River, you can get to Samye Monastery and Qingpu. The two famous sacred mountains Gongburi Mountain and Quguori Mountain are just in the way.
Tips: you are not allowed to take photos for the Qushui Bridge in the daytime and not allowed to turn on the headlights at night.

(3) To Lamulacuo Holy Lake: There are many places of interests on the way, including Woka Spring, Qulong Monastery, Lamulacuo Lake, Qiongguojie and Lajiali King’s Palace. This route may take about 10 days. You can take bus, ride horse, go on hike or take a boat.

(4) To Yamdrok-tso Lake, most visitors follow this route: Lhasa, Qushui Bridge, Shigates, Jianzi, and Yamdrok-tso Lake.

3. places to stop over

Qushui, Tsetang, Qiongjie, Gonggar and Nangartse are towns worthy of a visit. Qushui Bridge, one of the three permanent bridges over the Yarlung Tsangpo River, is a vital passage. If you start your journey from Lhasa, after you cross the bridge, the road is diverged into three, one leading to Shigates and Nepal through the Friendship Road, one leading to Tsetang and Linzhi, the third one leading to Lhatse and Yatung.

4. Adventurous routes:

The “one river, two steams” travel route is an adventurous one. It is a round trip. Starting from Gonggar Airport, you can take the southern way to Bayi Town, passing Tsetang Town, Qusong Town, Sangri Town, Jiacha Town and Lingzi Town. From Bayi Town, you take the northern road to Lhasa. This travel route is not fully developed and the accommodation and food are simple and cheap. However, it is good trip for car traveler.



1. There are many buses in Tsetang streets to Yumbulagang. Changzhu Monastery is on the way to Yumbulagang. The price to Yumbulagang is 2 Yuan, and it is only 20 minutes to get there.


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