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Nyingchi boasts both gorgeous natural beauty and profound ethnic cultures. In recent years with the rapid advancement of economic reform and opening up, the tourist industry has turned out to be a pillar industry in the reaches of the Niyang River and the relevant networks and facilities have already taken their forms. Nyingchi has become an international forest park in “the third pole of the globe” where a wide variety of activities such as sightseeing, mountain hiking, rock climbing, exploration, white water surfing and scientific research are carried out.

Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon

Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon

In the ancient Tibetan language “Yaluzhangbu” means the water flowing down from the summit. The Yaluzhangbu Grand Canyon, covered with ice and snow, embraces the mountains and peaks in the Najiaba Peak area. It constitutes a passage for the moisture from the Indian Ocean to the inner mountainous region which helps make the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau a piece of green oasis. … more>

Basongcuo Lake

Basongcuo Lake

Basoingcuo, hiding in the deep valley of the upper reaches of the River Ba, 50 km from the the Gongbujiangda County Nyingchi, is a famous holy lake and land for the Red Sect (the Ninma Sect of the Tibetan Buddhism) at the latitude of over 3,700 meters. It spreads like a huge crescent that goes 12 kilometers long and a few hundred meters wide.… more>

Ranwu Lake

The Ranwu Lake is surrounded by many scenic highlights, e.g. the Gangrigabu Snow Mountain in the southwest, the Azhagongla Glacier in the south and the Bosula Peak in the northeast. The melted snow and ice supply the lake with sufficient water and are also the source of many rivers such as Yaluzhangbu. The green grassland around the lake, the sky-blue lake water and the white snow mountains constitute a very pretty watercolor. … more>

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