Eating Out in Nyingchi

One can find many highland living customs here such as archery of the people in Gongbu. They will shoot arrows on any important occasions of a year. The archery tournaments are usually accompanied by dances and folk melodies, which is a very inviting activity for visitors.

The screaming arrow is noted for its iron head and the eagle feather tail. The bamboo bow (the bamboo is from Motuo) is of strong tenacity. In the tournament the accompanying folk song is a must. The singers in light color festive costumes stand in two rolls beside the shooting range (men on the right side and women on the left). When the turn of the shooters from one’s village comes, he or she should start to sing to cheer him up. The tournament culminates in dances.

The typical conventional festivals in Nyingchi are the Gonbu New Year, the Bear Fighting Festival and the Bowing Eagle Festival etc. When you enter the local ethnic villages, you are also welcome to join their entertainments and celebration. The modern recreations, however, are only available in the hotels in the town.

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