Nyingchi Tourist Route

Ride a bus from Bomi to Bayi and then to Pailong, afterwards walk to Zhaqu. On the way one can see the huge turning of the Yaluzhangbu River and explore the deepest canyon in the planet. During the trip from Zhaqu to Pailong one may visit the village of the Menba People and the primitive forest. Finally one may take a bus from Pailong to Milin and then further to Jiacha in the Shannan area; this excursion offers the travelers a real picture of the Grand Canyon of the Yaluzhangbu River.

  • 1. The best option for touring Nyingchi is to follow the route from Lhasa to Nyingchi for its best high way condition and gorgeous landscape.
  • 2. Within the city the taxi fare is always 10 Yuan and the driver is basically from Sichuan. To farther destination, one can ride a taxi with other passengers to cut the costs.
  • 3. To enter Milin and Motuo visitors ought to have the border admission ticket, which can be applied for with the Military Police Office of the Bayi Town. The office is open from Monday until Friday.
  • 4. Some tips for hitchhiking along the Sichuan-Tibet and Yunnan-Tibet Highways:
    There are some shuttle trucks for shipping wood between Bomi, Chayu to Chendu and other options include jeeps or cars that occasionally pass by. Each county has a hostel catering to drivers such as the hostel of the Bomi Foodstuff Administration, the Pingan Hostel in Ranwu (you are advised to wait for the passing vehicles at the crossing in the early morning to catch the cars coming from Chayu), the Weizhi and Bangda Garrisons in Bashu and Bangda, the County Governmental Hostel of Zuogong (each Friday a bus from Changdu to Mangkang stops at Zuogong in the evening and comes back on Sunday) and the hostel in Mangkang. The best way to catch the passing vehicles is to wait in the early morning outside the town. On the route there are a number of garrisons, which are good places for accommodation.


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