Nyingchi Tourist Information

The Tourism Administration of the Nyingchi Prefecture

The Tourism Administration of the Nyingchi County

Address: No. 6 Nichi Road, Nyingchi County

Tel: 0894-5899350

Fax: 0894-5899350

Tourist Center of the Nyingchi County

Established in April 2003, the center offers tourists comprehensive services including information, guiding, car renting, shopping and the like.

Manager: Nimaciren

Tel: 0894-5828076

Fax: 0894-5828076

The Tourism Administration of the Gongbujiangda County

Tel: 0894-5412366

Fax: 0894-5412366

The Tourism Administration of the Milin County

Tel: 0894-5453468

Fax: 0894-5452644

The Tourism Administration of the Bomi County

Tel: 08994-5422662  

Fax: 0894-5422117

The Tourism Administration of the Lang County

Tel: 0894-5463142

Fax: 0894-5463142

The Tourism Administration of the Motuo County

Tel: 0894-5887796

Fax: 0894-5887796


Bayi boasts the most advanced banking facilities and services in the region though; it has only two banks, i.e. the Construction Bank and the Agriculture Bank and both have no ATMs. The postal saving here offers deposit-and-withdraw in different locations service, but you are still advised to carry cash. The foreign visitors should especially take note that they cannot exchange foreign currencies here.

Internet Cafe

Most parts of the prefecture have Internet cafes, even in the remote county of Bomi. The well-known Internet cafes in Bayi are “the Red Lantern”, “the Time Celebrities Club”, and “the Hongdu Teahouse Internet Café”. Lack of broadband service so far, the connection is not as good as that in big cities.


In recent years the local telecommunication has improved substantially with such state-of-the-art service as video cell phone, digital mobile phone, EMS etc. available to the public. The new technologies like optical fiber, stored program control switching, satellite telecommunication and advanced managerial expertise make the local postal and telecommunication service among the best in Tibet.

Other Bodies or Agencies

The Health Administration Tel: 0894-5822052

The People’s Hospital    Tel: 0894-5822842

The Medicine Administration Tel: 0894-5826795

The Public Security      `Tel: 0894-5822176

The People’s Bank      Tel: 0894-5822604

The Construction Bank    `Tel: 0894-5822996

The Postal Office      Tel: 0894-5823405

The Telecommunication Administration      Tel: 0894-5822811

Tourist Service Administration      Tel: 0894-5824242

Tourist Complaint Hotline    Tel: 0894-5883646


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