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In Nagqu, the vast Changtang grassland commands unique geological features and changing natural landscape. The great force of nature has shaped the gorgeous mountains and rivers of this region. Lake Nam-tso, Lake Tangra Yumco and over 1,000 others are like jadeite scattered on the grassland or gobi desert. There are numerous hot springs and geothermal spots.

Lake Namtso

Lake Namtso

Lake Namtso means “holy lake” in the Tibetan language. With over 30 kilometers from north to south and over 70 kilometers from east to west, Lake Namtso covers a total area of more than 1,900 square kilometers, being the second largest salt lake in China. At an elevation of 4,718 meters, it is also the highest-altitude salt lake in the world, the furthest depth being more than 33 meters.The water in the lake for the most part arises from rains, melted ice and snow of Nyenchen Tonglha Mountains and the inflow of crooks and streams, hence the lake is very clear and limpid. … more>



Surrounded by the glaciers, lush primeval forest and snow-capped mountains, Yambajan is located in a basin covered with verdurous meadow and beautiful flowers, endowed with picturesque scenery. Driving down the windy and snowy Nyainqentanglha Mountains and near the entrance of the basin, you will feel heat puffing right on your face, warm and comfortable. Yambajan features eight spectacular scenic spots. … more>

Nyainqentanglha Mountains

In the ancient legends, the Bon religion and Buddhism, folksongs and folklores of the local shepherds and hunters, the Nyainaentanglha Mountains and the Namtso Lake are described not only as the most attractive holy mountains and lake, but also lovers and a couple for life and death. Lake Namtso, mirroring the inverted image of Nyainaentanglha, becomes more beautiful and attractive; … more>

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