Nagqu Transportation

From Lhasa to Nagqu

Nagqu transportationThe highway from Lhasa to Nagqu is part of the Qinghai-Lhasa highway (one of the most important high ways and also the busiest roads in Tibet), covering the distance of about 326 kilometer, passing Damxung County on the way. Usually, the whole journey takes about 4 to 6 hours.

Road from Lhasa to Yambajan is in good condition. After leaving Yambajan, tourists will enter the grassland of northern Tibet. Some part of the road is in poor condition but the splendid landscape never fails to fascinate the tourists.

Winding to the left from the fork in the road at Damxung County, tourists will get to the holy lake of Nam-tso, which is about 60 kilometers away. The road is a blinding one. It takes about 1 or 2 hours to get to the lake at a speed of 40 to 80 kilometers per hour.

There are regular buses from Lhasa to Nagqu. Prices range from RMB¥60 to RMB¥100 depending on different vehicles. Tourists may rent a vehicle to enjoy the sightseeing in northern Tibet.

Transportations within Nagqu Prefecture

Transportation networks in Nagqu are relatively complete and well-equipped. There are highways from Nagqu to Lhasa, Nagqu to Chamdu, Nagqu to Nagari; all counties within Nagqu Prefecture are accessible by highways or cross-country roads, which totals about 10000 kilometers.

Remote places like Geladandong (the place of origin of the Yangtze River) are not accessible by regular buses. As the road conditions are poor, tourists will have to rent a vehicle or consult the tour agents to include them in the itinerary.

Summer and autumn are the best seasons for travel in Nagqu. If you want to go to the depopulated areas in northern Tibet, it is advisable to keep company and have good vehicles lest the car would be stuck in the mud or have other traffic accidents. Winter without snowstorm is also a good time for sight seeing.

Distance from Nagqu Town to Other Places

Nagqu to Damxung (164 kilometer); to Yambajan ( 239 kilometer ); to Lhasa ( 328 kilometer); to Amdo ( 138 kilometer); to Golmud ( 838 kilometer); to Pangkog( 262 kilometer); to Xainza ( 494 kilometer); to Nyima (558 kilometer); to the Double Lake Special Administrative Zone ( 570 kilometer); to Wenbu or Lake Tangra Yumco (660 kilometer


  1. Many foreigners have realized the convenience and comfort of traveling in Tibet by rented vehicle. The ideal destinations include Geladandong and Nam-tso. Since traveling by Land Cruiser is more expensive than by bus, it is advisable for travelers to get the latest information on which agencies are offering good deals and which are ripping people off.
  2. When asking the ways in the depopulated area, you’d better ask how long it takes the locals to get there either by car or by riding horse instead of simply asking how many kilometers it is. Local herdsmen have no idea about what a kilometer means.
  3. Regular Buses: In the long-distance bus station, there are regular buses from Nagqu to Lhasa, Damxung, Golmud and other places.
  4. Other cars: You can find cars by guesthouses, parking lots or in the streets.
  5. Hiring coach: You can contact with the Nagqu Tourist Company motor vehicle team.
    Address: 262 Seni East Rd., Nagqu
    Tel: 0896-3822996

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