Nyainqentanglha Mountains

Geographic Location

The 7,117-meter Nyainqentanglha, located on the south of Lake Namtso and 100 kilometers to the north of Lhasa, is the highest peak in Nagqu Prefecture. Wreathed by cloud and mist all the year round and frequented by wrathful lighting and peals of thunder, the snow-capped Nyainqentanglha stands mysteriously tall and upright over plains, gorges and other snow mountains.


The Nyainqentanglha that we can see today is grand and snow-capped. The local folklore has it that in Nyainqentanglha there is a mysterious crystal palace. The palace door, inlaid with all kinds of precious stones, is dazzlingly brilliant. The palace itself, with the top surrounded by white clouds and the middle wreathed by colorful mist and light, is floating over the sea of amrita, with colorful fresh flowers flourishing around. On Nyainqentanglha, a deity is riding on a holy horse. Fair-complexioned, three-eyed and handsome, the deity, who wears a three-colored satin dress smock decorated with rare stones, is smiling stately, a rattan scourge held high by his right hand and a string of crystal prayer beads held in his left hand.

Nyainaentanglha is believed by many religious followers to be a Buddhist guardian. It is also the major deity in the grasslands to the north. Followers of the Bon religion and Buddhism hold it to be the place where various Buddhist masters practiced Buddhism.


In the ancient legends, the Bon religion and Buddhism, folksongs and folklores of the local shepherds and hunters, the Nyainaentanglha Mountains and the Namtso Lake are described not only as the most attractive holy mountains and lake, but also lovers and a couple for life and death. Lake Namtso, mirroring the inverted image of Nyainaentanglha, becomes more beautiful and attractive; Nyainaentanglha, reflected by lake Namtso, becomes more handsome and upright and draws countless visitors and pilgrims.

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