Nagqu Travel Tips

Nagqu has an annual average temperature of -0.9°C to -3.3°C. From November to March the air is dry, the temperature low. The area is exposed to violent sandstorm. From May to September, Nagqu is relatively warm and enjoys good weather. It is also the best time for tourist.

The highway from Lhasa to Nagqu is part of the Qinghai-Lhasa highway and the whole journey takes about 4 to 6 hours. Transportation networks in Nagqu are relatively complete and well-equipped. In the long-distance bus station, there are regular buses from Nagqu to Lhasa, Damxung, Golmud and other places. Tourist can also renting cars to get around.

Special products in Nagqu mainly include jak, north Tibet sheep, ghee, dried meet, trachoma, aweto, caladium, snow lotus flower and a lot of ethnic handicrafts. Store of Nagqu Ethnic Products Exploration and Development Head Company is a popular store features all handicrafts.It locates at 92Gaoyuan Road, Nagqu Town.

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