Biking Along the Yunnan - Tibet Highway

Kunming-Lhasa, about 2317 kilometers, runs from Kunming and joins Sichuan-Tibet highway then.


  1. Yunnan-Tibet Highway has the lowest latitude among the four highways to Tibet.
  2. The way was once the Ancient Tea-horse Road, a trade route connecting the fertile farmland with the remote western frontiers. Whiling cycling along the way, you can enjoy many historical and cultural sites.
  3. Natural scenery en route even more charming which can well nourish your ached body resulting from long time riding.
  4. Summer time ( May, July, August) with abundant rain in this area, is probably not an ideal time fro your cycling tour.

Major sights along the way:

Dali ancient Town: a tiny old town with nice old buildings and remarkable local culture. Erhai Lake with its crystal water is famous internationally.

Lijiang: Lijiang is a well preserved ancient town, full of traditional ancient buildings. The Dragon Snow Mountain is another natural wonder in Lijiang.

Shigu Town: A small town near the Tiger Leaping Gorge where the locals enjoy traditional lifestyle, practice their century-old costume.

Tiger Leaping Gorge: One of the deepest and most beautiful gorges in China.

Zhongdian: This is a natural paradise featuring idyllic natural scenery and religious culture. In Zhongdian you will find the Songzanlin Monastery, the biggest Tibetan monastery in Yunnan, Napa Lake, the Ancient Town. You won’t imagine what you will experience until you have been there.

Deqin: Meili Snow Mountain

Other sights as mentioned in the Sichuan-Tibet Route.


The itinerary is a backpacker's guide. We hope this information will enhance your self-discovery along the way. Our local agence could not oprate this tour at present, please contact our travel advisor if you have any questions.

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