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A land of ancient Buddhist culture, awe-some landscapes, artistic monasteries, exotic cities, hidden valleys and centuries-old caravan trails, Tibet offers a totally different experience. Here we have several biking routes for visitors.

Biking through Qinghai - Tibet Highway

Generally speaking, this route is customized for those who would like to challenge their endurance and physical strength. Cycling from Golmud-Anduo, with nearly vertical slopes and dirt road condition proves to be very hard.

Scenery en route are mainly snow-capped mountains, alpine pasture and small Tibetan villages.…more>

Biking through Sichuan - Tibet Highway

Biking through Sichuan - Tibet Highway

This is an arduous cycling way with some difficult sections.

Natural scenery along the way is superlative, which is characterized by snow-capped mountains, clear streams, idyllic lakes, vast gorges and large grassland.

Summer time with abundant rain falling in this area probably is not an ideal time for biking this way. …more>

Biking Along the Xinjiang - Tibet Highway

The first part of your journey is relatively harsh with sharp turns, dramatic drops and sheer slops. The latter section, however, is rather comfortable.

There are few outfitting stations along the way, so prepare yourself well for the trip, bringing plentiful clothing, food and water. …more>

Biking through Yunnan - Tibet Highway

Yunnan-Tibet Highway has the lowest latitude among the four highways to Tibet.

Natural scenery en route even more charming which can well nourish your ached body resulting from long time riding. ...more>