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About Our Website

Tibetguru.com provides Private Tour packages and Fix dates Small Group to Tibet and all parts of China, and specialize in customizing or tailor making tours for individuals, families and groups to specific requirements at great value for money.

Here are several reasons why customers choose Tibetguru.com as their China tour provider.

Local Agents & Local Guides

Tibet Travel believes in supporting the people and the economy of the areas that we visit. All services provided during your stay in Tibet will be provided provided by our local Tibetan agents and experienced Tibetan guides. Our tour guides are college graduates who have majored in foreign languages and have passed the tough national examination to be licensed tour guides. They are experienced local experts, and will provide you with the flexibility you want to get the most out of your trip.

Local experts:

The guides are local experts. They are familiar with all the attractions, hotels, restaurants, night time activities as well as the little details that often provide the WOW factor in any tour.

They know the city well, not only it’s long history and culture, but also its people and customs.


The guides and drivers are trained professionals and will do all in their power to ensure a great experience. They will help you to check into the hotel, arrange all the transport for your tour as well as assist with shopping and night activities. They are always available to help with any issues during your stay.


The local agents and local guides will be 24 hours available to handle any emergency. Your travel advisor is always just at the end of the phone to ensure that our customers have a worry-free Tibet tour.

Why should I use a travel agency when I come to China

1. China is different. It is vast and intricate, it is undergoing rapid change, and we do things differently here.

2. Clear communication is a major challenge, and even sophisticated travelers run into difficulties that need local assistance to resolve them. Your guide book may be useful in other foreign countries, but it's of only limited help in China. Local rules or practice may seem odd or unfamiliar -it helps to have an experienced agent make sure that your bookings are right.

3.Price and star-ratings are not always a reliable guide to quality.

4. So it makes sense to get help from a reliable agency that knows the ropes and can do the hard bits for you, see that your arrangements work well and avoid nasty surprises. Client feedback hotels, guides, tours and facilities is also the most reliable guide to quality and value.

5. The written and spoken language is a major hurdle and English-speaking visitors are not a majority. Information in English is not always easy to find, so making your own arrangements can be very difficult. The younger people (under 30) in the larger cities are more likely to speak some English, but away from the major cities, and the further west you go, the less it is spoken or understood. But there is so much here that people want to see, and travel advisors can arrange the right tours for you, with the right tour guides.

Above all, a travel agency has the knowledge and experience to make your trip happen, the way you want it to.

Why Travel with TibertsTravel?

1. Finding a travel agent that you can trust is not always easy. We have been in business since early 1998, and are associated with CITS Guilin, who have been in business since 1959.

2. We are big enough to meet all your needs and small enough to care.

3. We offer value for money to our clients and responsibility to our suppliers.

4. We have provided thousands of customers with an unforgettable China experience, many of whom have chosen to return to us more than once. We are also registered members of major travel industry associations such as USTOA, PATA, IATA, CATS.

5. We provide a China travel information center, a consulting center, and an online reservation center specializing in providing very personalized travel services. We will do our utmost to design fully-tailored tours for singles, couples, families and groups. Our goal is to deliver Usability (web site), Reliability (company), Flexibility (itinerary) and Unbeatable Price.

6. We are proud of the depth of information we can provide about China through our website. This is constantly being updated, and is designed to help you to get the most from your trip to China.

Special Features of Our Services


1. We are not a virtual business, we are a bricks-and-mortar company with a history of over 46 years and 400 employees.

2. We employ experienced tour professionals and modern facilities.

3. We have current been membership of USTOA, PATA, IATA, CATS, Paypal etc.

We are Proud to be an Allied member of USTOA We are Proud to be an official member of IATA We are Proud to be an official member of CATS We are Proud to be an official member of PATA We are Proud to be a Representative of AMEXWe are Proud to be an official member of paypal


1. We offer comprehensive travel information and tailor-made tour packages to meet differing needs from first class to affordable economy class;

2. We provide a understanding cancellation policy which is unmatched;

3. We are dedicated to working with our customers to modify the itinerary until it's exactly what you want;

Unbeatable Price:

We have built a strong network with the best travel-related providers within China so that we can offer you the most competitive prices and best value available;

We have an excellent sales team and well-trained tour guides and they assure the lowest cost under excellent management;

We are on your side in wanting "Better value for your money”;


We have created Chinahighlights.com so that you can access our services and all other travel-related information at any time anywhere;

We aim to present you with an easy-to-understand, easy-to-navigate, and always fresh web content;

We can be reached via the web form, email, fax, or telephone.

Benefits of booking with China Highlights Travel

Value for Money

You may find that some of our tours cost a little more than what appear to be the same offered by another tour operator. We, however, will always ensure that our customers receive the best value for money. We make sure that our customers know precisely what they are getting (no hidden extras). We will not mislead you regarding the quality of the accommodation, guides or other arrangements. We take you to the best attractions and sights, book you into comfortable accommodation, and the meals which are included are delicious.

We can also work with you to reduce the cost of your tour, but will always consult on how that should be achieved. We have a wide range of options, and can customize any of our packages to suit you specifically. For example, you can reduce the cost by changing the class of hotel, going by overnight train instead of flying on some parts of your trip, or join a group tour if you prefer. We can change the destinations to suit you, or the direction in which you travel.

Our company is proud of the flexible service that we offer, and our experience and local knowledge means that you will always get the best options and value for money available.

Local knowledge, concern for our customers, and pride in our reputation for ethical dealing all matter to us.

Destinations and attractions

China is vast, and it can take a long time to get from place to place. Most visitors need to select what they are going to see during their trip not many have time to see it all. Choosing where to visit isn't easy. We put a lot of time into making sure that we can provide the best of the best. Our website has a great range of sample itineraries, which include key attractions, and masses of information to help you.

Whatever your interests are, our tours can show you the most significant, and enjoyable aspects of China's incredible history, culture, superb natural scenery, modern life, ethnic minorities, adventure trails or any combinations of the different faces of China. We can help you select where to go if you tell us what interests you, or we can arrange or adapt an itinerary to take in specific places and attractions that you know you want to visit.

We enjoy tailoring each trip to the individual customer's satisfaction.


The right accommodation is vital to your enjoyment. It provides a welcome haven from sometimes hectic travel, and crowds. A good trip can be ruined by poor or substandard accommodation. Hotels are easy to access in major cities but good hotels are very hard to find. We relay on inspection and customer feedback, and take the time and trouble to select hotels which we feel confident in recommending. Price and even star rating cannot always be relied on but knowledge and experience can.


Chinese food is fantastic, and China is a paradise for gourmets. Food has always played an extremely important part in Chinese culture, and the cuisine is varied, sophisticated, and delicious. Each region has its own specialties, and trying real Chinese food in all its diversity and complexity is definitely one of the finest pleasures a foreign visitor can experience. But many travelers miss the authentic Chinese food, and encounter only a very mixed bag of offerings. China Highlights will offer you a different experience. We pick up restaurants featuring authentic local flavors to make sure our guests can try "real" Chinese food.

Water and drink

We provide two bottles of water free of charge on every day tour, and two cups of soft drink with each meal.

Night tour programs

We include various shows in our tour price. These can be removed, but customer feedback indicates they are not to be missed and provide colorful insights into the arts and culture of the country. We can also arrange alternative activities if you prefer just tell us what suits you.

In Xian, we arrange the Tang dynasty show (featuring music and dance inform 1000 years ago, during the brilliant Tang Dynasty). In Beijing you can enjoy the Chinese classical art-opera, and in Shanghai it may be the famous Shanghai acrobats, or Kung Fu show. Other cities also feature some lovely performances.

Your free time

We know how important it is not to be organized for every minute of the day. We always make sure that we leave time for you to spend as you like, whether it's to rest, go exploring on your own, shopping or getting to know some of the locals.

Your personal travel advisor

When you book with us you are looked after by one of our experienced travel advisors, all of whom are qualified in tourism and languages. Part of our commitment to you is to ensure that our advisors also regularly travel and experience for themselves the hotels and destinations that they arrange for you, and get to know the guides in other cities. After the trip has been booked they are always available for you, throughout your time in China, to assist if anything unexpected occurs.