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A land of mystery, adventure and spiriturality, a home of legends, awesome landscapes, artistic monasteries and centuries-old caravan trails, Tibet is a detination out of the ordinary,long closed to the ourside world. It is a great challenge to the driver's health and driving skills to enter Tibet by car.Self-drive tours to Tibet have been becoming increasingly popula with the improvement of the condition of road to Tibet. Now, vehicles from different parts of China can be seen along the Qinghai-Tibet highway and Sichuan-Tibet Highway.

Driving through Qinghai - Tibet Highway

Drive southward from Golmud in the morning, passing Kunlun Pass (4,746m, about 60 km from Golmud), Kekexili Natural Reserve Region (largest one of its kind in China).

There are many wildlife far away from your windwon which can only be seen in highland. Arrive at Tuotuohe River in late afternoon after passing the 1st Bridge on Yangtze River. Be prepared to cope with the mountain sickness today.…more>