Tibet Top Three Holy Lakes

Tibet is a natural heaven on earth because of the presence of innumerable lakes and vales all around its perimeter that give its landscape a diverse, serene and artistic feel. Some of these lakes are smooth and calm like glass, surrounded with peaceful and lush green canopies; while some have gushing white waters stretching along lanes of tall and rocky hills and mountains. Apart from being a true embodiment of nature’s finest beauty and appeal, some of these lakes have fairytales and mystical legends attached to them which add to their ethereal aura.

Some of the lakes in Tibet also hold a sacred and holy significance in various religions and thus attract scores of visitors and pilgrims from all over the world. While every lake in the Tibet valley is a work of art in every aspect, the three most acclaimed and holy lakes are the Yamdrok, the Namco and the Mapam Yumco.

Yamdrok Lake

The term ‘Yamdrok’ translates to ‘jade lake’ and is a true manifestation of its name. Sporting a striking deep turquoise blue color, this lake is one of the most beautiful and enchanting lakes all over the world because of its scenic charm and breathtaking appeal. The entire lake is like a striking work of art, with snow capped peaks towering on its sides and its clear blue waters fanning across multiple streams along the grasslands of Lhasa. Legend holds that the lake is actually the transformation of a goddess, and the presence of the Samding Monastery in its neighborhood attracts tourists and visitors throughout the year. Plentiful in fish and home to exotic species of crane, swans and sand gulls, this lake is a must-see for anybody who wishes to experience the beauty of nature in full bloom.

Lake Namtso

The Lake Namtso is not only acclaimed and famous for its sanctity but also because of its unique location. Lying at a height of 4718 meters above the sea level, this lake is the largest natural sea water lake in the world at this elevation. The sparkling water and natural beauty of this lake makes it an alluring and enchanting sight for the visitors and leaves you spell bound at its magnificent splendor. The Tashi dor Monastery and its various cavern hermitages are a famous pilgrimage point and give the already beautiful lake a divine significance and glow. According to local legend Namtso was the wife of the God of mount Nyainqentanghla.

Mapam Yumco Lake

Also termed as Lake Manasarovar, Mapam Yumco Lake holds religious significance not only for Tibetans but is also considered holy and divine in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism religions. Unmatched for its ethereal beauty around the globe, the sparkling clear lake is the largest freshwater lake at an elevation of 4556 meters above sea level. With scores of pure white swans swarming its shores throughout the year, the lake is believed to have mystical powers that can wash off all sins of the mortals. Due to the presence of the famous Mount Kailasha in the suburbs and having attachment to the Hindu God Lord Brahma, this lake is a prime pilgrimage site for people from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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