Biking along the Sichuan - Tibet Highway

Sichuan-Tibet Route is a very beautiful road.

Chengdu-Lhasa stretching 2149 kilometers. This is the main road to Tibet from Sichuan Province.


1. This is an arduous cycling way with some difficult sections.

2. Natural scenery along the way is superlative, which is characterized by snow-capped mountains, clear streams, idyllic lakes, vast gorges and large grassland.

3. Summer time with abundant rain falling in this area probably is not an ideal time for biking this way.

Major Sights along your way:

Kangding, an important post along the Ancient Tea-horse Road, Kangding has been hailed for the home of love songs for centuries.

Zeduoshan: The mountain has a high latitude of around 4290 meters.

Litang: a small highland town with vast pasture, fertile lands, green vegetations and remarkable local custom. The annual Litang Horse Racing Festival is held her on 1, August.

Basu: Basu Monastery, one of the four major monasteries in this area is the main sight here.

Brahmaputra Gorge: one of the deepest gorges in the world.

Nyingchi: corlorful and fertile land in Tibet.

Chamdo: Chamdo Area is famous for its sacred mountains, deep gorges and monasteries.

Damxung: enjoy the sacred Lake Namtso.


The itinerary is a backpacker's guide. We hope this information will enhance your self-discovery along the way. Our local agence could not oprate this tour at present, please contact our travel advisor if you have any questions.

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