Tibet Entertainment Tips

The cultural and daily life in Tibet is diverse. Besides the various festivals, there are several hundred of cultural palaces and clubs, offering entertainment and sports facilities to ordinary Tibetans as well as holy monks. A wide range of food, drinks and other kinds of entertainment are popular in most cities and towns. The most famous bars and shops are listed for your reference.

The famous bars in Lhasa

1.Barkhor Coffee Room South of the Jokhang Temple Square, Lhasa Tel:6326982

2. Makye Ami Restaurant No.1,East Barkhor Street,Lhasa Tel:6324455

3.Niwei Recreation City Opposite Youth Mansion, North Linkhor Road, Lhasa Tel:6325806

4. Yindu Recreation City Near Oil Company of TAR, Middle Beijing Road, Lhasa Tel:6812358

5. Kelsang Metok Minzhu Recreation Center Middle Beijing Road, Lhasa Tel:6830666

6. Salon Nightclub Near Lhasa Millitary Branch Region, Middle Beijing Road, Lhasa Tel:6821067

7. Good Memories Coffee and Bar No.18, Norbu Lingka Road, Lhasa

8. Musical Kitchen East Beijing Road, Lhasa Tel:6812980

The famous shops


1.Barkhor Street Bazar Inside Barkhor Street,

Lhasa Religious equipments, dresses, shoes, hats etc.

2. Tibetan Medicine Monopoly of the Tibet Medicine College

North section of the Jokhang Temple Square,Lhasa

All kinds of Tibetan ready-made medicines.

3. Tibet Sera Carpet Factory Sera Monastery,Sera Road,Lhasa Carpets

4. National Trade Store To the right of the Jokhang Temple Square, Lhasa National handicrafts,dress and personal adornments etc.

5. Saikhang Mansion At the jucture of Youth Road and Beijing Road, Lhasa Articles for daily use,family-use electric apliances etc.


1.Shigatse National Travel Service Products Co. West Qingdiao Road, Shigatse 8822629

2.Shigatse Tsejian Carpet Factory Qomolangma Road, Shigatse 8822733

3.Shigatse Tashi Kyiltsel Gold and Silver Wares North Shanghai Road, 8821773

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