Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway (Lhasa--Zhangmu Friendship Bridge-Kathmandu)

A brief introduction

sino-nepal friendship highwayThe Friendship Highway starts from the capital of Nepal-Kathmandu, traverses Hangmu Friendship Bridge( SinoNepal Friendship Bridge) at Kodari to Neyalamu County in Tibet and crosses Shigatse-- the second largest city of Tibet to the capital of Tibet-Lhasa. It covers a distance of more than 900 km. After entering the border at Zhangmu, passing Neyalamu and Tingri, enjoying the grand Himalayas and driving another 75 km, you’ll reach Lhase. Lhasa is in the east while passing Samsang, Zhongba or Cuoqing and Gaize ,in the west is Ali. Most tourists will choose Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway and Qinghai-Tibet Road as the main road into Tibet.


Lhasa(337km)-Shigatse(157km)-Lhaze(75)-Xegar(NewTingri)(60km)-OldTingri-Neyalamu(30km)-Zhangmu Friendship Bridge(Kathmandu)

Major Attractions along the road:

1. Parts of the road from New Tingri to Old Tingri go along the wide Pengqu River valley which is called Gucuo Basin. The landscape here is unique and becomes more grotesque in shape and gaudy in color.

2. About 4 km from Lulu checkpoint out of New Tingri is the best place for watching Mt. Everest. With clouds overhead, snow peaks far away and the flocks of sheep nearby, all these are reflected in the water of the swamp and form a splendid view.

3. At 5279 milestone near the Lalong La pass, the gobi becomes wider, camps and smoke are seen everywhere. The altitude here is about 5,000 meters and there are blue sky, white clouds, snow mountains and the flocks of sheep; all forms a most beautiful picture.

4. La pass, as 5284 milestone near the Neru Xiong, is the best place to watch and take photos of Mt. Everest and Shishapangma. 5. 35 km from Neyalamu to Zhangmu is the gorge area along the Himalayas ranges. Here you can see erected mountains, great waterfalls and hear birds crying sadly and there are dense fogs all year round, which may make you tremble with fear. There are countless waterfalls which usually wash the muddy cars clean. It’s really a thrilling and exciting to drive along the road with so dangerous cliffs and pass through in the waterfalls.

The best tourist season

Influenced by the south-east monsoon and north-west cold current, the climate in the area of Mt. Everest is changeable. The best season for trekking and climbing is from early March to late May, or from early September to late August, when it is warmer. Starting from Lhasa, driving along Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway, traversing Gyantse and Shigatse to Xegar (New Tingri) (which will take a car two days to cover the 670km), then driving down the simple-built highway about 110 km, you’ll reach the end of Rongbuk glacier-Rongbuk Monastery which is on the north side of Mt. Everest.

Transportation guide:

The road from Chusul to Shigatse is poor bituminous road. From Shigatse, the road is paved with small stones and it’s impassible for cars to get into Jiatsuo La Mountain in raining seasons.



1. For those who first come to the plateau, it’s advisable to take certain medicine half a month in advance. There is a capsule for mountain sickness which is called “Gao Yuan An” and it can produce instant effect. Before you adapt to the plateau, you’d better exercise less. Besides, you should take heavy coats with you even in summer.

2. Tibet is one of the last few “Pure Lands” in the world. Please help to protect the natural environment; Don’t discard your waste; Don’t do something harmful to the wild plants or animals.

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