The Sherpas People

Sherpa means "Easterner" and refers to an ethnic group that migrated to the Everest region from eastern Tibet some 450 years ago. But in modern times it has also come to mean any porter, climber or trek leader --- jobs Sherpas have been doing for about 100 years. Sherpas are all good at singing and dancing. Their sweet and beautiful songs have attractive rhythm and tunes, charming and elegant, and similar to those of Nepal and Pakistan. Sherpas eat wheat porridge and potatoes. Traditionally, Sherpas have grown potatoes and raised yak for dairy products, hides, wool and load carrying. They wear white jackets. Women also wear trousers and over that a skirt. Men wear short trousers and a white belt and the hunting-knife, which is a sign of their masculinity. Sherpas are Buddhist. Tourism, trade and farming are the major occupations of the Sherpas.

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