Pulu Clothes

The Moinbas have close link with the Tibetans. They share with the Tibetans the common belief in Lamaism and have similar customs and lifestyles, so their customs are strongly influenced by the Tibetan ethnic minority.

Pulu ClothesNevertheless, the Moinbas still have their own characteristics. They like to wear Pulu clothes made of woven wool. Pulu is rich in colors and styles, and it has become a daily necessity in the Moinbas’ lives.

In Menyu area, men often wear Pulu robes or crimson cloth robe. They prefer to wear robes with aprons and black yak hair hats or caps. Men’s hats are usually decorated blue or red Pulu on the top and red at the bottom. These colors are glaring and of great contrast and impressive. The Moinbas wear soft-soled leather boots, which are decorated with red or black striped designs. Women usually wear white aprons, earrings, rings and bracelets. People in the subtropical Medog County dress differently. Women as well as men wear short or long jackets, and women wear long striped skirts and various kinds of jewelry. In Moinba area, women often wear multicolored pullovers under red or black coats made of Pulu, and they also like to wear a piece of sheepskin or calfskin on the backs.

When it is warm, Moinba women like to wear thin white-colored little garments or vests to go with colored skirts. With all these necklaces and earrings, they look very graceful. The custom is said to have handed down from princess Wencheng when she came to Tibet from the central plains. These kinds of clothes were first made for avoiding the evils and praying for happiness. Women like to wear ornaments, such as strings of red corals, agates or other stones. Their underwear is a kind of colorful clothes without collar or any buttons. And their garbs, named “Dongu”, are made of red or black Pulu. Some of them wear a metal box with Buddhist images or scriptures inside. The box is called Ga'u, meaning "blessing and fortune." Both men and women wear a two-meter-long, six-meter-wide red Pulu belt round their waists.

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