Dresses and Personal Adornments

The dressing and personnel adornments of Moinba nationality are derived from the color, line and rhythm of the nature, and are characterized with the features of bright color, elegant line and beautiful tailoring, which shows the vigor of the nationality and their aesthetic sentiment to the nature, and are the representation of the spirits of the people of Moinba nationality. Moinba men grow long hairs, and adorn themselves with earrings with two beads clustered, with rhombic “Gawu” adorned on chest, with long knife known as “Qiawo” hanging on waist, with silver or copper bangle and finger ring on hand, with long boots on feet, and with bows and arrows on hands; they look very sturdy and manly. Moinba women’s dresses and adornments are flowery and colorful. They like to comb two long braids, which are coiled on head, or they wear Moinba cap, and are cloaked in calf skin. They like girdles, including silver girdle, copper girdle and copper-silver alloy girdle, which are the important adornment articles for dressing by the women of Motuo Moinba nationality.

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