Ngari Climate

It is cold and dry in Ngari and it seldom rains. There is a major difference the day and night-time temperatures in the area with an altitude of above 5,000 meters. In August, the average temperature during the daytime is above 10 degrees. But it is below zero during the night. In Ngari, it is high in the north and south and low in the middle. It is relatively warm in the south in Burang and Zhada County, which are the major farm belt in Ngari. It is cold and dry in the area around Shiquanhe Town in the north.


The best time to visit Ngari

The appropriate time is May, June, September and October. It is not advisable to go there in July and August, which is the rainy season. Rains could ruin the road from Lhasa and Yecheng (which is in Xinjiang) to Ngari. It is sometimes the rainy season as early as in May in the Yecheng-part of the Xinjiang-Tibet highway. The conditions of the roads from Shiquanhe Town to the counties in Ngari Prefecture are not good. Since the Xinjiang-Tibet highway will be blocked by snow during winter and spring (from late October or early November to early April), it is impossible to go there during the time.

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