Accommodation in Ngari

In Ngari, the standard of accommodation is poor. Baths are only available in Shiquanhe Town.

Recommended Places to Stay in Ngari:

Lake Manasarova

Tourists can live at the barracks houses of the stationed frontier Chinese Armed Police. It is clean there. The Price is RMB 15 yuan a night. Tourists can have dinner at the army’s kitchen, but it is a little expensive. A bowl of noodle costs RMB 10 yuan.

Burang County in Ngari

Tourists can live at the rest houses opened by the government. Boiled water is available. Water in the vat is available for daily use. The price: RMB25 yuan per person each night.

Gangdise Hotel

It is located near Mt. Kailash (Gang Rimpoche in Tibetan). Each room holds 4 persons. Price: RMB 50-60yuan for each bed each night. Boiled water and food are available.


Places to Stay in Shiquanhe Town

The accommodation in Shiquanhe Town is better compared with that in other places in Ngari. There are several small hotels there.

  1. Shiquanhe Hotel: It is the only two-star hotel in Ngari. Located at the right side of the highroad from Lhaze County (Located in southwestern Tibet. It is in Xigaze Prefecture). Price: RMB 80 yuan per person.
  2. There is another hotel near Shiquanhe Hotel. But it is a little noisy because there is a Karaoke bar at the basement. There is a bathhouse opposite to the hotel. The price is RMB 10 yuan each person.
  3. Along the highroad and around the flower bed is the Ngari PLA Military Office at the end of the road. The Youdian Hotel (the hotel opened by the Post Office) is near. The price is RMB 40-60 yuan for each person. There is a bathhouse near the hotel. Price: RMB 10 yuan per person.
  4. Walk along the highroad directly (do not go around the flower terrace). Turn left at the interaction. It is the road to Mt. Kailash. There is a little restaurant at the roadside. On the second story of the restaurant house is Nongmushang Rest house. Price: RMB 30 yuan per person.
  5. Lantian Rest house: located near the Nongmushang Rest House. Price: RMB 40-50 yuan per person.

Places to stay in Zhada County

Tourists can live at the rest house opened by the Post Office. Price: RMB 25 yuan for each person per night.



It is expensive to live at Gangdise Hotel. The price is RMB 50-60 yuan for each bed. Tourists can visit the Guge Ruins if they can get vehicles to go to Burang County. The admission fee there is RMB 100 yuan.


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