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Recommended Resaurants in Lhasa

Yak Cafe in Lhasa Hotel has typical western food. Besides, there are many photos of foreign stars on the walls of the hall, which makes it as if you were in a foreign country.

Tibet Hotels:

In Tibet Hotel, apart from enjoying the self-directed Tibetan yak dance, you can taste tsampa, butter tea, seafood, western food, and your local cuisine, experiencing the special Tibetan folk customs. You can also enjoy west food and seafood

Xueshegong Restaurant (Snow Deity Palace) (Tel: 0891-9003803) is the right place for those who would like to try typical Tibetan food. It lies west of Potala and is clean and stylish. Mashed yak meat, Yak blood sausage, Tibetan momos and yogurt are served.

Crazy Yak Saloon (Tel:0891-6336845) lies at No.101, on Beijing Dong Lu. It has unique Tibetan furniture and furnishings. Tibetan and Chinese food is of good reputation.

Snow-lands Restaurant (Tel:0891-6337323), located at No: 4 on Tibetan Hospital Road, serves tasteful western food, Tibetan food and Nepalese food.

Holy City Restaurant (Tel:0891-6338710 located in Tibet Hotel, Lhasa.

Barkhor Café (Tel: 0891-6326892) is in the south of the Jokhang Temple Plaza.

Lhasa Stone House (Tel:0891-632162750) is at the upstairs of the Potala Palace Snow Surply and Distribution Agency, Lhasa

Xiyougong Restaurant (Tel: 0891-6325989) is located in the west of Potala square.

Snowman Restaurant (Tel:0891- 6815755) is on the West Beijing Road, Lhasa.

Damxung Flavor Restaurant (Tel:080812276) is in Damchun, Damxung.

A Luo Cang Restaurant:Located at the junction of Duosen Road and near the Jokhang Temple, A Luo Cang Restaurant is a Tibetan restaurant serving classics like tongue, lamb chops, lamb stew & turnip.

Tashi Restauranta:Located near Tibetan Hospital Road, Tashi restaurant is Tibetan restaurant which serves local food. Special praise is reserved for the bobis (chapatti-like unleavened bread), which comes with seasoned cream cheese and fried vegetables or meat. Menus are available in English, Chinese and Tibetan.

Guangming Sweet Tea House:Sweet tea is a part of life for Tibetan people. They go to Sweet Tea House to spend their leisure time. Located on the Tibetan Hospital Road, Guangming Sweet Tea House is the oldest and most famous meeting place for Lhasa people. The Sweet Tea House is decorated in a simple style with wooden tables and comfortable chairs. Have a cup of Sweet Tea with Tibetan noodles or Tibetan Dumplings to experience the local lifestyle.

Wonderful Vegetarian Restaurant: Almost all Tibetans are Buddhist and many are vegetarian. Wan De Fu vegetarian restaurant serves classic vegetarian food. The restaurant is decorated in local style one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Lhasa. The popular dishes include potato cakes, fried dumplings and taro with bean curd.
Address: near West Gate of Tibetan University, Linju Lu, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6363494
Average cost: 50 yuan per person

Holy Land Vegetarian Restaurant 圣地素食馆: Holy Land Vegetarian Restaurant is hosted by local Tibetan people. As well as being vegetarian, alcohol and smoking are not permitted. It is a good place to meet the local people who may be willing to let you join them. All dishes are made from vegetarian ingredients but look are made to look like the meat for which they are substituted. Unglazed shrimp, Braised Pork (plain done) and skillet tablets are the favorites. A reservation is advisable.
Address: Linkuo Donglu, near the Lhasa Public Security Bureau, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6363851
Average cost: 50 yuan per person

Xinjiang Jaaksi Style Restaurant 亚克西风味餐厅: Xinjiang Jaaksi Style Restaurant is a well known Muslim restaurant located at Beijing Middle Road. The restaurant is decorated in Uighur minority style and serves Xinjiang style food. Advance orders are needed for whole roast sheep. Address: Beijing West Road No. 40, Chengguan District, Lhasa (next to the Tobacco Company)
Tel: 0891-6980981

Boge Sauté Spicy Chicken波哥大盘鸡: Locate on the Lin Kou North Road, Boge Sauté Spicy Chicken has has a good reputation with local people. The restaurant is a traditional Muslim restaurant and typical dishes include Mapo Tofu and of course Sauté Spicy Chicken. Fried meat, noodles and fried noodles are also recommended.
Address: Lin Kuo North Road, Chengguan District (near People's Hospital)
Average cost: 50 yuan per person

Islamic Grasping Food City伊斯兰手抓美食城: Located on the Beijing East Road, the restaurant offers a quiet atmosphere for visitors to have dinner. It is a traditional Muslim restaurant and mutton is the main dish.
Address: Beijing East Road No.107, Chengguan District, Lhasa (near Donkey Nest Restaurant)
Tel: 0891-6362444

Jinzangchibao Tibetan Restaurant金藏持宝藏餐:  Located north of Romache Temple, Jinzangchibao Tibetan Restaurant is popular among local people and monks also have a tea and chat. The recommended dishes include curry potatoes, beef salad, mushroom with vegetables and yogurt.
Address: Second floor at North Gate of Ramoche Temple, Chengguan District, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6333347

Yak yogurt House牦牛酸奶坊:  Located on the west side of Potala Palace, the Yak Yogurt House is reputed to be a “must-see” place for backpackers from all over the world. The Yak Yogurt House is decorated in Tibetan style and there are lots of pictures, notes, and short stories pinned to the walls, that were written by travelers who have previously visited the house. They sell several varieties of yogurt but the plain yogurt, fruit yogurt rice and ginseng yogurt are the most popular.
Address: No. 41 Beijing Middle Road, Chengguan District (west of the Potala Palace)
Tel: 0891-6837131

Jijipona Gallery Café
Jijipona means emissary of spring in Tibetan language. The owner is a painter and chef named Liaojie who is a traveler from Chengdu, when she came to Lhasa met her husband and lives Lhasa now. Many local artists’ works are exhibited in the café. Free Qingke wine and Butter tea are served at weekend party. The comfortable environment is suitable for individual traveler.
Add: corner of Yak Hotel, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6362316

Laoshu Coffee Lhasa Office
Laoshu Coffee is a leisurely place for travelers and locals who want to a quiet atmosphere. It mainly serves coffee, tea and liquor as well as special snacks for customers.
Add: left side, 1 Minzu Beilu, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6825816

Milan Café
It mainly serves coffee, beer, tea and liquors. Peaceful environment for visitors who want have leisure time. It caters to visitors from home and abroad with midrange prices.
Address: beside the Lhasa Restaurant, 220 Beijing Zhonglu, Lhasa
Contact: 0891-6816818 (Tel)
Hours: 11:00am-6:00pm

Barkhor Café
Located on the opposite of Jokhang Temple, have a coffee on the afternoon while get the whole views of Jokhang Temple is a leisure time. It mainly serves coffee and drinks as well as Chinese, Western, Nepalese, Indian, Japanese and Indian dishes. There are a few computers offering web access, but the real draw is the rooftop terrace.
Address: 2F, South side of Jokhang Temple, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6326892

Snow-Sweat Tea Housess
Located on the left side of Potala Palace, Snow-Sweat Tea House is decorated with Tibetan style. It offers Tibetan tea and snacks to customers.
Add: At the left of the Potala Palace, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6329822

Ladan Kitchen Restaurant
Located on the Beijing Donglu, Ladan Kiechen restaurant is a famous for its Curry Chicken Rice. The restaurant serves Chinese, western, Tibetan and Nepal food. Out door seat can available.
Address: 106 Beijing Donglu, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6331241

Travelers Bar
This is traveler’s gathering place which attracts backpackers from all of world. Besides drinking wine and tea and chatting with others, people can get transportation information and join up with groups for trips to interesting destinations.
Address: Beijing Donglu, Lhasa


Restaurant List in Lhasa City:

Name Address Tel. Remarks
Barkhor Street Cafe

The south of the Jokhang Monastery Plaza, Lhasa


cold drinks, western food, iInternet

Magyia Ngami Restaurant

No.1 Barkhor Dong Street


Western food, beverages and alcohol

Xinghua Book Store Retail Department of Tibet

3 Barkhor Dong Street


Buddhism books, teaching materials

Bright Producers’ Cooperative Canteen

The Southern Tibetan Hospital Road,


sweet tea, Tibetan portraits, Tibetan momos

Niway Entertainment City

Linkhor Bei Street Opposite the Youth Department Store


teahouse, restaurant, entertainment

Story Village Bar

No.10 Linkhor Xi Street

cold drinks, hot drinks, coffee

Spicy Sour King

No.12 Linkhor Xi Street


Spicy Sour Soup hotpots

King of Wild Mushroom

Linkhor Xi Street, beside the Lhasa Middle School


Mushroom dishes

Gold Crown Hotel

Linkhor Xi Street, beside the Tibet Aid Fun Committee


mushroom hot pots

Kangsang Restaurant

Nyangrain Lu on the second floor of Dragon Lake Department


seafood, music bars

Beijing Duck Restaurant

Nyangrain Road


Chinese food, Beijing Duck

Chenlian Rice Crust Hotpot

Beijing Zhong Lu, Beside the Tibet Economic and trade Department


homely food

Badaotang Hotpot

Beijing Zhong Lu, Beside Economic and trade Department of Tibet


Chongqing linjiangmeng Oven Hotpot

Bluesky Food and Recreation Palace

Beijing Zhong Lu


sauna, catering, entertainment

Youli Fast-food

Beijing Zhong Lu on the ground floor of Telecom Building

hamburger, sandwich

Greenson Beer Palace

Beijing Zhong Lu, beside the Petrol Company


Draught Beer Only House

Crystal Grand Hotel

180 Beijing Zhong Lu


Chinese food,Instant Boiled Mutton、Delicacy

Chengdu Laoma Hotpot (Lhasa)

188 Beijing Zhong Lu



Xiangmingju Tea House

Beijing Zhong Lu, beside the Lhasa Military Subarea



Salon Nightclub

Beijing Zhong Lu, beside the Lhasa Military Subarea



Fenghua Beef Noodles

Beijing Zhong Lu, opposite the Tibet building




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