Entertainment in Lhasa

Generally speaking, Lhasa is the first choice in Tibet where most people are willing to spend long time loitering in bars. If you travel alone at your own expenses, it is a good place for you to pick up new friends in the same camp and then charter a vehicle to travel together. Besides, you can get to know the latest traveling information throughout China. Also, you may chatter away unrestrainedly, singing at full volume, and then, when having drunk too much, go back to hotel to enjoy your sleep with your feet pointed outward. How wonderful the days are!

As for those who have visited Tibet for many times, there is no need to go to other places, while enjoying the sunshine on the Barkhor Street and loitering at bars become their main subject when dawdling away in Lhasa. The most popular bars are as follows:


Ganglamdo means snowdrop in Tibetan. It is a complex place with more music records and paintings than other bars. However, the price here is low. And, the Tibetan beef cakes are delicious with RMB¥8 for a piece.
Frontier Perspective.

Although the business here is usually dull, the bosses are absolutely talkative. If you want to take the hike routes from Gaden Monastery to Samye Monastery or from Tsupu Monastery to Yanbajan, you can consult here or rent tent and feather sleeping bag that you need on the way.


Majiami, means unmarried beautiful girl in Tibetan, is the most famous and comfortable bar in Tibet. The three-storey off-white building on Barkhor Street is the romantic place where the 6th Dalai Lama, Cangyang Gyamco,is said to date his unmarried beautiful girl. Sitting on the comfortable sofa and drinking Tibetan tea or milk tea, you can appreciate the interesting paintings and words left by other travelers in the visitors’ books.


It is a newly opened bar. The two young bosses who came from Beijing fell in love with Lhasa at the first sight. 15 days after their first meeting, the two opened this bar with their money for the traveling. They are really the typical young men of enthusiasm and impulse! It is a gathering place for travelers where you will receive warm welcome. Moreover, you can inquire for the latest news of anyplace or ask the young bosses to solve problems such as chartering vehicle and planning routes. And, prices here are low. Also, the specialties here include yoghurt and beef cakes.

National Music Country

It is also a new bar next to Backpacker Bar. Its boss is a musician who takes characteristic music as the theme of the bar, which is also a good choice for relaxation.

Bar Street

There are 4 bars on the Bar Street opposite to Lhasa Hotel in the National Zhong Lu. Among them, the most popular one should be Shicao Hall. Although prices of drinks here are comparatively high, it absorbs many local people.


Main Entertainment Places in Lhasa

Name Location Telephone Features

Sunshine City Nightclub

Duosenge Lu


Cabaret, KTV Box

Qunyiguang Nightclub

2#, Duosenge Lu


Cabaret, Fashion Show

Happy Garden Nightclub

1#, Duosenge Lu



Black and White Prince Nightclub

Duosenge Lu


Karaoke, KTV

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