Tangka Arts Village

Tangka Arts VillageThangka is a very popular form of Tibetan painting similar to scroll painting in regions in China. It has a history of over 1,300 years. The materials used in Thangka are minerals, plants, gold, and silver. The colors are very bright just like new even after several hundred years. The content of Thangka usually reflects natural sciences, historical figures and events with distinctive Tibetan characteristics with strong religious and unique artistic style.

The Thangka Arts Village is named Sanmu Village and located in Dui long de qing County west of Lhasa city. The life of people in the village is centered on Thangka paintings and the rarest Thangka are from here. Painters produce their art everyday. An ordinary painting needs six to seven months to finish. There is also a Tibetan incense factory in the village which visitors can visit to learn the production process and history.

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