Pabonka Hermitage

Pabonka HermitagePabonka Hermitage (Pha bong kha), is an anceint retreat founded by Songtsän Gampo in the 7th century. Part of Sera Monastery, it is about 8 kilometres from Lhasa in the Nyang bran Valley on the side of Mount Parasol. Pabonka Hermitage is the starting point for the "Sixth-Month Fourth-Day" (Drug pa tshe bzhi) of the Sera Mountain Circumambulation Circuit (Se ra’i ri ’khor) pilgrimage.

Short hiking from Pabongka Monastery to Sera Monastery (4 hours): Drive to Pabongka Monastery where the hiking starts. Pabongka Monastery is on a huge rock with about 20 meters high. It has a longer history than Potala palace. It was a splendid castle of 9 stories when it was first built, but was destroyed during the various wars. It remains as stories but has not lost its majesty. Hiking downhill, you will arrive at Chupsang Nunnery. Chupsang Nunnery belongs to Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Tsongkap (the creator of Gelug Buddhism) first settled here and taught his Gelug Buddhism beliefs.

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