Nechung Monastery

Nechung Monastery Nechung Monastery, also known as the Oracle Monastery, served an important role in protecting high-ranking officials of Buddhism since the 12th century. It was the Seat of the State Oracle of Tibet. It is located a short 10 minute walk down from Drepung Monastery, and was the residence of the three-headed, six-armed deity Pehar, protector of the seat of the State Oracle. The Dalai Lama would not make any major decision or take any action without first consulting with the State Oracle at Nechung.

The position was considered that important. The housings served the Seat up until 1959 when the Dalai Lama was forced to flee to India. The temple and monastery were completely devastated during the Cultural Revolution. Recent efforts have helped to largely restore it to its former condition. It now also contains a huge, newly struck statue of Guru Rinpoche and is home to only a handful of monks.

Admission: 55rmb
Hours: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Getting There: Morning buses depart from west of the Jokhang Temple. To return to Lhasa, take bus No. 302 from the Nechung Monastery, or bus No. 301 from the bottom of the hill.

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