Tromsikhang-Lhasa Local Market

Tromsikhang (Lhasa Local Market)Located on the north of Barkhor Street, The Tromsikhang (Lhasa Local Market) has over 300 years of history and was originally established in Qing Dynasty. There are hundreds of small commodities sold at the market. Butter, roasted barley flour, cheese and dried meat are made by the local Tibetan people and attract lots interest. There are many goods from India, such as spices, snacks and cosmetics. During the off-farm grazing period in winter, the Tibetan people sell hand made beads, turquoise, beeswax and red coral. They wear them under their clothes and bring out when they meet the customers who they think are genuine buyers. There are signposts on the Barkhor Street to the local market.

Open time: 8:00-18:00

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