Drolma Lhakhang

Drolma Lhakhang The Nyethang Drolma Lkakhang Temple is an important place for those loyal followers of Atisha. He most likely founded the temple in the 11th century and some sources point to the fact that he might have spent his final years on earth living in the sacred temple. This is one of his many lasting legacies. The temple has a long, open porch with even windows, while the interior is decorated with paintings and representations of Tara. The Drolma Lhakhang is named for her, as she was a famous female bodhisattv. Surprisingly enough, the Chinese Red Guards did not ransack the temple because it was a sacred site to the Bengali people, thus leaving it unscathed. A Naropa relic is housed here. And while the temple is small, modest and goes unnoticed a lot of time, it is definitely not insignificant to Buddhist and tourists who visit alike.

Admission: 30 rmb
Add: located less than 30 kilometers southwest of Lhasa. Along the road to Tsetang, close to the Lhasa airport. 30 minutes by bus from Lhasa.

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