Chamdo Travel Tips

1. Chamdo has an elevation of 3240 meters, with a yearly average temperature of 7.06 degree, - 2.5 in January and 16.3 in July.

2. In winter, tourists should take enough heavy clothes to keep from cold while in summer it is advisable to take some sweaters and woolen trousers.

3. Take some medicines for daily use according to one’s health conditions, such as medicine for cold, diarrhea, sunburn and medicine against the oxygen deficit.

4. Doctors who practice western medicine in town can be found in Chamdo People’s hospital. Telephone: 0895-4821745

Features: orthopedics, radiography, stomatology, ophthalmology

5. Laundry services are available in the following address:

Jiajie Laundry, which is right opposite the road from Chamdo

Hotel Qiangli Laundry, in Western Chamdo Road

Chenfei Laundry, opposite the Kangsheng Hotel

6. People’s Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction Bank all has their branches in Chamdo, yet it is not so convenient to change foreign currencies there. Foreign tourists are supposed to bring enough RMB.

Agricultural Bank of China, Chamdo Branch, telephone: 0895-4822752, fax: 0895-4822752

7. Related books

Chamdo Xinhua Book Store, in Western Chamdo Road, opposite the Chamdo Post Office and the China Telecommunication business hall.

Maps of Tibet, published in 1995 by the Chinese Mapping Publishing House, describes all the 11 counties in Chamdo, with brief introduction to the major attractions and natural resources in these regions, a book for moderate tourists.

An Outlining of History and Geography in Chamdo, Tibet, published in 2000 by the Tibetan People’s publishing house, has an overall introduction for the history, civilizations and religions in Chamdo, a good book to learn the history of Chamdo.


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