Geographic Location of the Chamdo City

Chamdo is located in eastern Tibet, tucked away in the famous Hengduan Mountains Range, which is known as the Eastern Tibet Valley mentioned in the Geography books. In Chamdo, a series of mountain ranges run approximately from south to north, dissected by three rivers and three mountains. From west to east, they are Mountain Shubola and Nujiang River, Mountain Taniantaweng and Lantsang River, Mountain Damala-Ningjing and Jinshajiang River. Deep valleys and ravines meander between mountains with the average elevation exceeding 4000m-5000m, the height difference between mountain and river reaching 1000m-2000m.

The terrain lowers down from northwest to southeast, and the valley deepens from north to south. The mountains in the northwest are integrated, creating wide plateaus in the watershed area, while the hills and valleys are more frequently found in the south, and the mountains become more precipitous ranging over 4000-5000ms, and the river valleys are deeper. The mountain body is divided into many parts. The highest part is the Nyainqentanglha on the border of Palbar rising to 6,980 meters. Situated in south of latitude 30° north are typical regions of the mountains and gorges, the lowest of which is the Jinshajiang River valley in Markam County, reaching to the altitude of 2296 ms. The unique geographical and natural conditions form a beautiful, tranquil, primitive and magnificent picture of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

With complicated topographical structures, high mountains and dense forests, Chamdo is a paradise for a great amount of wild animals. Experts say that the Hengduan Mountain Range is one of the centers with the most fauna and flora in the world. There are 17 species of 1st-grade national priority protection animals and 54 species 2nd-grade national priority protection animals and another 400 species of common animals over 1000 species of high-grade plants in the Chamdo prefecture. Two nature reserves, Yunnan Snow Monkeys Nature Reserve in Markam and Riwoqe Changmaolin Red Deer Nature Reserve, have been set up.



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