Entertainment in Chamdo

As the center of Khamba culture, the Chamdo Prefecture not only enjoys a good reputation for its Repa dance in Dingqen, Cho of Chamdo and Shinze of Mangkang, also is the main area where the Tibetan epic King Gesar spreads. The deceased artist Zhaba, who was called the "national treasure" by the Chinese press, was the famous storyteller of the King Gesar in Palbar.

In Kham area the people’s frank and straightforward qualities, marriage custom, funeral service, costumes, diet, festivals, customs and folk literature show simple and old cultural characteristics. In time of sowing and harvesting, people gather in the field, enjoying barley wine, singing and dancing, sharing the joy of harvesting. If they sing a musical dialogue in antiphonal style with the passers-by, those who fail will be made to drink as a forfeit.

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