Climate in Chamdo

In Chamdo Prefecture lies Hengduan Mountains Range with high peaks and deep ravines, so weather varies complicatedly into 4 seasons in one mountain. Most of the area possess temperate, humid plateau climate´╝îwhile the lower valley of the Three River Region (The Salween, the Mekong, and the Yangtze) possess temperate plateau dry climate because of the block of mountains.

Generally speaking, the weather condition is good, and the average yearly temperature is 7-10 cent degrees. The yearly rainfall of 460-650mm, more frequently in the south, mainly happens between May and September.

The altitude, oxygen level and average temperatures of Chamdo



Altitude(Meter) Oxygen Temperature(C)


Jan. Mar. May July Sep. Oct. Nov.




8.6 16 26 30 18 17 7.5




-8.0 -2.1 5 11 7 4 -3


Rain is not heavy, and it condenses in few months, which may cause big problems for highway traffic in stiff mountains, the major transportation method in this area. Especially in the south, serious rock collapse often damage the transportation in the rain season. Even in the north, if it rains continuously, two of three main roads could be in a stop because of the muddy and slippery road condition. So you should be well prepared for the weather changeability.

The best traveling season:

Because of the special geography and weather conditions, it is convenient for you to visit there in April and May, or September and October. In early summer, grass is green, and wild flowers are blooming on the highland. Tibetan families are usually dressed-up to visit friends and have fun. In late fall, the plateau is a magnificent picture of the multi-color and splendid scenery, blue sky and clean water, mountains and rivers. In other seasons, the motor road traffic may be interrupted by the rain season and heavy snowfall.


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