The Bolojirong Canyon

It is located at the place where Tongpu Township interfaces Bolo Township in Jiangda County, 25 km from the county town.

Dogchu River flowing from the county town roars its way to join the Jinshajiang River. With majestic apices and stiff cliffs standing on both banks, boating along the 5-km-long gorge is a marvelous experience. In the middle of the Dochu River, there are a huge square dice, the over-bridge of Qomo, a prince of King Gesar and carved stone figures of Buddha. On the waist of the mountain, there is a cave, which is very difficult to reach and is said to be the place where King Gesar faced down the spirits.



1. How to get there?

It is advisable to go there by taxi or by other rented vehicles

2. Opening Time: Any time.

3. Ticket for the place: Free


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