Ranwu Lake in Chamdo Tibet

Located in the southwest of Rawok in Baxoi of Chamdo prefecture, 90km from the Baima County, Ranwu Lake is the main supply of Palong Tsangpo, a branch of The Yalu Tsangpo River. The lake has an area of 22,000 square kilometers, at an altitude of 3,850 meters, with length 26 km and width 1 to 5 km. In the north, it is the famous Lagu glacier, extending to the lake. Every time the ice melts, the water flows into the river, keeping the lake water abundant. Southeast is the Gangri Garpo, Ahzhagongla glacier in the south and Boshula Mountains in the northeast. Thawed snow is the cause of the Palong Tsangpo river (a branch of The Yalu Tsangpo River) with rocks and small islands in the river. By the lake are the verdant grassland and plants in harmony with the blue lake and snowy mountains. The narrow Arm-tso Lake winds its way about ten thousand miles westward into a valley. The lake water appears different colors in different seasons, from aquamarine to turquoise.

The scenery is beautiful all the year round. In the morning and evening especially, it looks like a dreamland.



1. How to get there?

Due to convenient transportation, it is easy to take a ride at west Bomizhamu town and at east Baima town in Baxoi. Rawok, situated by National Highway 318, is the starting point of Rawok - Chayu road, 127 km to Bomi and 90km to Baxoi County.

2. The boarding house of Rawok Transport Station is located inside the station. Pingan Hotel is on the east edge of the town. If you stay here for the night, it’s convenient to inquire about the state of roads and the traffic information. Mobile phones are always available here with good signals. Inside the Pingan Hotel is Rawok police station, with only one policeman in charge. But the public security is good. There are four or five Sichuan restaurants here. If you don’t like spicy food, you can ask the cook to make it less or not spicy. But because it is a remote town, the food is a little expensive.


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