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Jack's Tibet Inspection Tour

Lake  NamtsoJack, one of our most experienced travel advisors just returned from his Tibet Tour. We believe it is important for our travel advisors to gain up-to-date information in our industry so that we can keep our customers fully informed. Our travel advisors travel around frequently to explore new sights to add to our tours and refining our existing packages. The new knowledge they have gained from traveling will allow them to give much better advice to our customers.

Jack and his group started their trip from Guilin, flew to Chongqing and took the newly operated Chongqing-Lhasa train along the Qinghai-Tibet highland railway and reached Lhasa the third day.

"Scenery along the railway is unbelievably beautiful with vast lakes, snow-capped mountains, foothill  grassland among which flocks of yak and sheep are leaping and skipping. You just can not imagine how amazing the view is, indescribable" according to Jack.

"The train condition is definitely good. Everything inside looks new and tidy. Each seat is equipped with an oxygen mask which can be used by individual passengers if needed" Jack said. "What¡¯s more, delicious food is provided"added Jack.

Tibet in the far west Himalayas was relatively inaccessible to tourists in the past but the opening of the Qinghai-Tibet railway ended this situation. Now the region is much more accessible because the Chinese government has opened several train services connecting other parts of China with Tibet.

Jack's Tibet tour was relatively comprehensive covering almost all the major tourist destinations and all key attractions. During his 16 days trip, they visited Lhasa, Shigatse, Lhazi, Mountain Everest, Dazhu, Damxiong, Nyingchi and enjoyed the natural beauty and abundant cultural heritage those places offer.

"Tibet seems a region out of another world. The landscape, its people and their lifestyle are completely different to other parts of China. The ancient religions and local practice seem odd and complicated. But it's very interesting to watch those pious local people practice their centuries-long religious etiquette"said Jack as he shared his wonderful experience with us.  

Tibet is a relatively less developed area. Tourism is in its infancy and hotel accommodation is quite primitive. Jack also inspected some hotels which we are now using or we may use in the near future to ensure we provide our customers the satisfactory accommodation.( we always relay on inspection and customer feedback, and take the time and trouble to select hotels which we feel confident in recommending). Jack summed up that: Hotels in the bigger cities such as Lhasa, Shigatse can provide satisfactory accommodation; however, hotels in other places are very primitive. The further from major cities, the worst the hotel condition was.

Many people believe that transportation in Tibet is horrible but they are completely wrong. Jack told us that Tibet had built a comprehensive network of asphalt highways, which spreads almost every corner of the region. Be forewarned though, mudslides may occur in some parts during the rainy season from May to Aug and in winter some roads may be blocked by heavy snow; please be well informed before your trip.       

Afterward, Jack experienced theTibet-Sichuan Highway. Scenery on the way was what he called"a beautiful natural paradise" "It looks like a overspreading landscape painting brushed by an otherworldly painters"

Jack felt proud to share his awesome experience with all of us and he gave us a one hour presentation on up-to-date information of Tibet. All our travel advisors feel much better equipped to be able to give our customers advice. "We gained so much from his simple presentation" agreed all of us.


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