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Enjoy Tibet in Any Season

Tibet travel News As autumn descends on China and tourist crush in Tibet has dropped greatly. The low travel season commences in October in Tibet after the National Holidays and the number of Chinese domestic tourists decreases dramatically. It's a great time to see a natural Tibet and avoid the large Chinese tourists groups.

The peak season for Tibet tourism is from June to October, when the area is very crowded. The commencement in operations of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway in this year made this year high season especially crowded.

The influx of large tourists resulted in the big crowds at most of the tourist attractions in and around Lhasa. Authorities restricted the number of people allowed to The Potala Palace to protect this Tibetan icon from damage. The local government limited the number of visitors to a maximum number of visitors 2,300 daily. Those fortunate enough to obtain a ticket had to compete with the crowds swarming to this popular tourist attraction.

The areas around Lhasa such as Nyingchi, Shannan, Shigatse also have seen unusually high volumes of tourists. 

Travel in Tibet in the low season means fewer people, no jostle and you will have a better opportunity to experience a natural Tibet. The weather is much harsher than usual and tourists are advised to be well prepared before their trip. Good health is essential to traveling to Tibet in winter.

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