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Tibet is incredible! Blue skies, strong yaks and mysterious religions, you can experience it all during your Tibet tour. We offer 30 Tibet tours designed to give you the best Tibet experience possible. Want something different? Ask us to customize your own Tibet tour to your exact requirements.

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$1,419 USD

Travel on the Roof of the World

Highlights: Rongbuk Monastery(with Mt.Everest),Everest Base Camp,Yomdrok Lake, Potala Palace


Essence Tour of Lhasa

Highlights: The Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Drepung Monastery, The Carpet Factory, Tibet Museum

$0 USD

Tibet and Extend to Kathmandu Seat-in-coach Tour

Highlights:Yomdrok Lake, Tashilunpo Monastery, Mt. Everest

Tibet Classic Tours

With its holy and mysterious scenic spots, Tibet became as a must-visit region for numerous travelers. We have prepared the best affordable private tours of Tibet to match various interests, be it overwhelming Mount Everest, breathtaking landscape, mysterious religion, Buddhist architecture, exotic arts and crafts.

Tibet Train Tours

Travel to Tibet by more impression way is taking train along Qinghai- Tibet railway. Through Nine Scenery-view Platforms on The Way, sightseeing the stunning sceneries you can’t see by plane, the highest point of Qinghai-Tibet Highway- Tanggula Mountain Pass, rare wild animals in Holxil depopulated Area and one of the biggest lake in China – Qinghai Lake.

Tibet Festival Tours

Beyond the famous scenic spots, experience the cultural diversity of Tibet and China and attend Tibetan local festivals, an unforgettable experience. Come to Lhasa to visit Shoton Festival seeing Buddha Thangka exhibition, Tibetan operas, interesting yak racing and horsemanship display.