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Traveling to Tibet is an eye opening experience. It’s a land of adventure, color, contrast and with a deep sense of spirituality. If you are looking for a trip that will take you high up into the mountains with breathtaking views, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Tibet is the place to go. Get prepared, get fit and come along for an adventure of a lifetime.

Biking in Tibet

One of the most strenuous bike trips in the world with six 5000 meter plus passes. Spectacular scenery, challenging riding and encounters with one of the world's most fascinating cultures make this a truly incredible experience.…more>

Hiking in Tibet

hiking in tibet

A trekking in Tibet is mostly a walking trip to its famous mountains and lakes and at times it is a walk from one monastery to another monastery in a remote village. Here are some of the main trekking tours in Tibet. …more>

Driving in Tibet

A land of mystery, adventure and spiriturality, a home of legends, awesome landscapes, artistic monasteries and centuries-old caravan trails, Tibet is a detination out of the ordinary,long closed to the ourside world. It is a great challenge to the driver's health and driving skills to enter Tibet by car. …more>


Mountaineering in Tibet

There are only three major peaks in Tibet which the Tibet Mountaineering Department has given permission for climbing. According to Buddhist Philosophy, every mountain is sacred and should not be touched by human feet. One of these mountains is Everest which can also be climbed from the Nepal side, the other 2 are Cho-Oyu (8201 meters) and Shishpangma (8153 meters), neither of these giants are technically difficult but any mountain over 8000 meters (only 14 in the World) demands the greatest respect and those participating in either of these climbing programs will need to be of a high standard of fitness.more>